Save up to 70% – Oxybreath Pro the Best Air Protector

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Save up to 70% – Oxybreath Pro the Best Air Protector

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Oxybreath Pro is a N95 respirator mask specially designed to avoid health problems caused by environmental pollution, dust, smoke and gases.

  • Reusable more 30 times
  • Standard 99% antivirus protection.
  • Carbon filters.
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Free shipping worldwide
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It is also very useful to prevent infections, because thanks to its specially designed filter it acts as an antiviral mask and can protect us from some viruses.

Where can I buy Oxybreath Pro?

Oxybreath Pro is available in your countryThis product has immediate delivery and is available in all countries of the world. Have free shipping with the next delibery methods:

  • Singapore post -Free
  • Swiss Post-Free
  • FedEx-Free
  • UPS-Free
  • DHL-Free
  • 4px-Free

Can Oxybreath Pro breathing mask protect from viruses?

Thanks to its special filter N95 protection, we are much more protected from contagion against viruses through the airways.
However, we must be very careful when washing our hands if we are in areas of infection. Buy with 50% discount in Official Store

When to use breathing mask effectively?

We must adjust the protection mask correctly whenever we are in areas of high pollution, and risk of contagion of some disease. In addition to this, it is tremendously effective in areas with a lot of dust or smoke.
The price of this mask  is between $ 30.00 and $ 45.00 depending on the amount purchased. Shipping costs are free

Based in our reviews, after each use, we must properly clean the Oxybreath Pro antiviral mask and dedicate a few minutes of hygiene to our hands, hair and facial skin.

Buy with 50% discount in Official Store

Does the N95 mask protect against viruses?

Oxybreath pro has a high protection factor against viruses in the respiratory tract. But to be 100% protected, we must also have our eyes insulated with protective glasses, and wear rubber or surgical gloves in risk areas.

Oxybreath Pro features

  • The mask covers the mouth and nose area completely for maximum protection.Type N95
  • Protection against allergens, bacteria, viruses and infections.
  • PM2.5 air filter, with dust, mite and smoke protection technology
  • Made of long-lasting materials, washable and 100% reusable.
  • In conclusion, the best antiviral breath mask which can buy in its category.


This virus is a betacoronavirus that comes from bats. The first people who were afflicted with this virus had a link to a large seafood and live animal market in Wuhan, China, which indicates a possibility of it having spread from animal to human. Afterward, striking numbers of person-to-person spreading occurred to the point where Wuhan has been under quarantine.

Although the coronavirus has been found in people outside of China, steps have been taken to prevent further spread of this virus through quarantine procedures. However, if you wish to provide yourself with an additional layer of protection, the Oxybreath Pro mask can help. In addition, you should practice the following:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your arm or a tissue when sneezing
  • Keep at least three feet between yourself and others, especially if they cough or sneeze
  • If you have trouble breathing or develop a cough, seek the help of a medical professional
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stay away from raw and undercooked animal products

Coronavirus is a new virus, and everyone is still learning about the widespread impact. It has led to unprecedented quarantine efforts, and people are taking this illness seriously. It has infected more than 31,000 people and brought about more than 630 deaths.

Although the coronavirus appears to be less deadly than SARS, as two percent of those infected with coronavirus have died and ten percent of people with SARS died.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronavirus spreads much more easily than SARS did because of its cold-like symptoms. This fact is what has led organizations to call it a public health challenge. In addition, the illness is so new that officials are not sure what makes it spread more easily. They also found that the illness could be spread prior to the development of symptoms.

The symptoms include coughing, wheezing, and trouble breathing. In addition, you can have a fever. If you have any of these symptoms, you should go see your medical provider right away. You should also stay away from other people to lower the chances of spreading this illness, and wear your face mask so that you won’t infect other people.

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Who is the supplier of the product?

Only this little information can be found about the manufacturer/supplier of the product on his official website:
Company address:
Operated by Novads OU
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +44 20 3808 9234
homepage: *
International: +44 20 3808 9234 (available 24 hours a day)
Brazil: +552135003992 (available between 9am and 2pm from Monday to Friday at Brazilian time, GMT-5).

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